Guarantee / Contract


         Breed:  German Shepherd Dog
         Color:  Black and Red,  Black and Tan,  Bi Color,  Black
         Sex:             Male                            Female                     
         AKC Number:      ______________
         Date Whelped:      ___/___/_____
         Name of Puppy:    ____________________

         Sire:   ________________________________________

         Dam:  ________________________________________

2.  Limitations Of Contract

         a)        This Contract applies to the Original Puppy/Dog and the Original Buyer      
                     and is nontransferable to a second party. 

         b)        No replacement puppy will be given if Puppy has been bred prior to 24 months         
                     of age, or has been spayed/neutered prior to 24 months.

         c)         Buyer is responsible for transportation costs to and from Kennel on 
                     original and replacement Puppy.

3.  Seller’s Representations

         a)        As of the date of this agreement, Puppy is in good health and free of
                     any communicable diseases or health issues.

         b)        Buyer has 72 hours in which to have Puppy examined by a veterinarian   
                     and to personally inspect the puppy.  If the puppy is found to be ill or in 
                     poor health within 72 hours of purchase, a report of the results is to be sent to the Seller                         and puppy can be returned immediately at no cost to the seller.  Verification of illness by                        breeder’s veterinarian will be done prior to any refund is given.  Refund will not include                         nonrefundable deposit. Seller is not responsible for illness or health problems which are 
                     diagnosed after the 72 hours.

         c)         At the time of sale, the puppy has been checked by breeder’s veterinarian 
                     and has had all age appropriate vaccines and has been wormed.  The Puppy has no                                 health issues or defeats.

4.  Considerations

          a)    Puppy is being sold for the sum of   $_________,   to be paid in full by

          b)       Puppy is being sold for the sum of   $__________.  A non-refundable
                     deposit in the amount of $_________ was paid on __/__/____.
                     Remainder to be paid at time of transfer of puppy is $__________.

          c)        If payment for puppy is not receiver by the agreed upon date, Seller
                     has the right to repossess the puppy and that the Buyer will be liable for
                     any costs of that repossession.

         d)        Buyer understands that the deposit is non-refundable, but can be            
                     transferred to a future litter.

         e)         Puppy is being sold with a Limited Registration unless otherwise stated.  

5.  Health and Hip Guarantee   

          a)    Seller guarantees that the Puppy is in good health and has received 
                  age appropriate vaccinations, de-worming and has had a 
                  veterinary health check. Future care instructions will be given that
                  seller feels are needed for the Puppy’s well being.

          b)    Seller guarantees that Puppy will be free of any abnormal health 
                  defect or genetic disorder that would cause a severe disability or death until the Puppy                          is 12 months of age.  A replacement puppy of similar quality will be offered as soon as one                    is available.

           c)   Seller requires that puppy has preliminary x-rays be done at one year 
                  of age.  Genetic hip dysplasia will be evident at this age.  Seller’s 
                  guarantee only covers genetic hip dysplasia.  After the age of 24 
                  months, a second set of x-rays will be done and submitted to OFA 
                  for evaluation.  Seller guarantees that puppy will obtain a passing 
                  rating of Excellent, Good or Fair and elbow rating of clear.  A copy 
                  of the OFA certification must be submitted to Seller. This guarantee
                  is void after 28 months.

           d)   Should the Puppy be diagnosed as dysplastic or a disorder of the  
                  elbow by a Veterinarian and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals         
                  elbow Buyer will have the option of receiving a replacement Puppy 
                  from a Litter of similar quality when on is available.  Original Puppy must be                                          spayed/neutered before replacement Puppy is given. 

           e)   The Breeder will only guarantee genetic dysplasia.  Dysplasia can be 
                  developed by exercising to hard, climbing stairs, jumping over or off 
                  elevated objects.  If Puppy is not kept lean, nutritional deficiency,     
                  injury or abuse will nullify this guarantee.  

            f)   Buyer is responsible for all costs for x-ray’s, OFA fees and 
                  transportation costs for original and replacement Puppy.  

           g)   Guarantee is void if Puppy is bred prior to the age of 24 months.  Puppy should not be                            spayed/neutered prior to the age of 24 months.  If the Puppy is spayed or neutered prior                        to 24 months, the guarantee is void.

           h)   Testicles:  Both testicles should drop by 6 months.  If both have not
                  dropped by 12 months, dog should be neutered.  If puppy was
                  purchased for breeding, a replacement will be offered when one of 
                  similar quality is available. 


          a)    Breeder does not Warrant the Temperament of the Puppy after it
                  is transferred to the Buyer.  Temperament is both genetic and 
                  environmental.  The breeding was done to assure sound temperament
                  of the Puppy.  It is up to the Buyer, to provide the proper structure and 
                  care of the puppy.

           b)   Buyer acknowledges the importance of socialization and training to      
                  maintain the positive temperament of the puppy. Socialization should be started as soon                        as the Puppy is settled in to his/her new home.  Puppy should have limited exposure out                        side of the home until he/she has had their second vaccination and it has had time to                              take, (14 days).   Puppy will have basic obedience training starting no later than 6                                    months, along with ongoing socialization.  

           c)    Buyer agree that the Puppy will not be isolated by being kept in the 
                  yard or kennel.  Puppy is to be a part of the family and is to have as much
                  interaction with his/her people as possible.  Dogs are pack animals and need to be able                          to interact with their pack, which is their new family.  This assures proper development                          of the puppy’s temperament.  

 7.  Maintenance

           a)   Buyer agrees to maintain puppy in good health, provide routine preventative health care                        including, but not limited to, vaccinations, internal and external parasites.  Puppy needs                        to be checked by a veterinarian when the puppy shows signs of abnormal health issues. 
                  A mild illness can become very serious very quickly, so it is extremely important for                                Puppy to be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

           b)   Buyer agrees to provide age appropriate exercise to maintain proper 
                  weight and physical condition. A proper diet of top quality premium
                  dog food.  Most Good quality foods have glucosamine and chondroitin 
                  from the ingredients, so added supplements are not required.  Food
                  should also be preserved with vitamins C and E. 

           c)    Buyer agrees to provide safe transportation of Puppy at all times.
                  Puppy should never be transported in the opened area of a truck bed.                                                             

           d)   Buyer agrees to provide obedience training and ongoing socialization
                  of the puppy.  Seller recommends obedience classes to help the new 
                  owners to understand the behavior and thought process of the dog.

           e)   Buyer will not transfer possession of Puppy without first receiving approval
                  from Seller/Breeder.  Seller/Breeder will approve or reject parties that Puppy
                  will be transferred to. Under No Circumstances will Puppy be taken to an 
                  animal shelter or rescue group. Buyer agrees to notify breeder before ordering
                  euthanasia of puppy for any reason.

           f)    If Puppy is found to be abused or neglected by the buyer, ownership of
                  Puppy will be immediately terminated and seller will take possession.

           g)   Breeder strongly advises that Buyer attend training classes and provide proper                                        socialization opportunities for Puppy.

           h)   Breeder is not responsible for any actions of Puppy after it is in the
                  Buyer’s possession.  Buyer is responsible for training and socialization.

            i)   If Buyer break any of these terms of this Agreement, the remainder of
                  The Agreement is null and void.  Seller will have the right to repossess
                  Puppy and that Buyer will be liable for all costs in repossession of Puppy.

8.Acceptance of Agreement

          By signing this contract, Buyer is acknowledging the terms within the Agreement.  Affirming                that contract has been read and is understood and that they are willing to abide by all                            articles within.

Buyer  _____________________________________

Date  ___/___/_____

Seller/Breeder  _______________________________

Date  ___/___/____

                                              BEWARE of BREEDER'S STATED GUARANTEE
                            Will the Breeder really honor their Guarantee

                                              My Personal Experience

I purchased a puppy form a breeder in Nebraska, who stated on her opening page of her web site that she offered a 100% money back or a replacement puppy guarantee.
The puppy that I purchased died prior to six months of age from SEPTICEMIA, which is a presence of Pathogenic Bacteria in the blood.  This is NOT typical and I have never seen it before.
The puppy showed signs of not feeling well on Monday morning with vomiting, no diarrhea.  He was not interested in eating.  I took him to the vet and he was put on antibiotics. Blood tests were done, which did not show the Septicemia.  He did not appear to be bouncing back like puppies usually do.  I took him back to the vet on Wednesday at 1 PM, and by 1:30 PM the puppy was dead.
I took the puppy to CSU for a necropsy.  Septicemia was determined as the cause of death, but there was no explanation for how he contracted such an aggressive infection.  He had no opened areas, such as bites or scratches.  The only explanation for this, was he had not developed an autoimmune system, which would come under the heading of an anomaly.  The breeder has to this day refused to replace this puppy that was sold with a 100% guarantee.  At that time Argus became ill, I had 2 puppies from  two litters I had produced. They were the same age as Argus and neither of these pups showed any signs of illness. As a matter of fact, I still have one of these pups, the other was sold and she never showed any signs of this same illness. The illness that took Argus is not a typical puppy illness.  It was an event that would only happen to a puppy that was not healthy to begin with.
Ask the breeder you are dealing with, what they would do in a situation such as the one I described above.  If like the breeder I dealt with, tells you that you need to spend large amounts of money to determine the cause of the illness and death, walk away.
Beware of Breeders who advertise 100% guarantee, then have you sign a contract that states that only a genetic defect is covered.  Not all defects are genetic.

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 October 02, 2008  - March 16, 2009