My intent is that the Puppy/Dog that I place will be FIRST and FOREMOST a FAMILY COMPANION.   The GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG is a very SOCIAL BEING and is meant to live as part of a PACK. Forcing this Puppy/Dog to live a SOLITARY EXISTENCE in the back yard, forces them to live a life that is foreign to their nature.  The below application will ensure the right fit for both you and your new German Shepherd Puppy/Dog.                                       . 
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        Why are you interested in getting a German Shepherd Dog?

                                                             FAMILY INFORMATION:

        ARE YOU?                                         Do you have Children? 

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        Where do you Live?                                            Type of Residence?

        Will Puppy/ Dog have access to a yard that is secured by a fence that is at least four feet high?

        Describe living accommodations for puppy:

       Have you ever owned a German Shepherd Dog previously?

       If not, have you researched the breed?

      What are the Characteristics that you like most about this breed?


      Are you willing to take obedience classes with this puppy?   

      Do you know how important socialization is to the German Shepherd Dog?   
     How do you plan on socializing your puppy?

      How much exercise and mental stimulation do you think a German Shepherd Dog needs?                                   How do you plan on providing these activities?

      Do you have other pets?  What are their ages and sex? 

     Do you have a regular veterinarian that will supply a reference for you?

     Have you ever Relinquished an animal to the Humane Society or a Rescue?
     If YES, please explain. 

      Is there any other information you would like to add?