About Me                                                                       

  I am a small breeder with 20 years of experience raising German Shepherd Dogs.  I strive to maintain the correct structure of the Breed.  My dogs have straight backs, with solid structure and sound temperaments. Their linage is West and East German and some with American linage, all producing beauty and brains.  The puppies are social, intelligent, trainable and eager to please.  The pups are suitable for companion, working, herding, agility, SAR (Search and Rescue) and protection.   
  My dogs are not raised in, nor do they live in kennels.   My puppies are raised in my home from birth to their transition to their new homes.  This way they are introduced to all the household noises and routines.  Having the pups in my home allows me to keep a close eye on each puppy and can pick up on any problem that may arise. The puppies are raised by the entire pack of dogs, which teaches the puppies how to be dogs.  The pups learn to read cues from the older dogs, which teaches them to avoid unpleasant situations and also the pack order.

  My first German Shepherd Dog, Lexie, opened my eyes to a new and wonderful world that can only be experienced by sharing one's life with such a beautiful creature. Lexie taught me how to listen to what she was communicating. When I began to listen, I learned so much about her and what she needed. This is why I decided to become a breeder, I want to pass on this joy to others.   I feel it is a very worthwhile endeavor to breed intelligent, loyal and loving companion dogs.   Each of my dogs have a special place in my heart, as do each of the puppies.  It is hard to see the pups go home with their new families, but I know the joy they will bring into their lives.  I love getting feedback from the families about how the pups are doing and the pictures showing them as they grow, are priceless.

Colorado's Silver Creek German Shepherd Dogs   

Lexie with Anya's Pups
      Team Work
Yanna and Emma
Moose and Hannz
 Raina with Elsa and Hanna pups
 Anya, Raina and Lexie
 Jerry and Lady Bug   
 Jerry and Lady Bug   
Bacchus and Nubi
Raina and Jinx
 Nubi and Mom, Hanna
 Bear and Yanna