Silver Creek's Males
V Falk von den Wolfen

Vito vom Adel Haus
Gunnar's Great Grandfather
  Gunnar  AKA  Lothar
Gunnar  has a sweet and loving disposition.  He is very play oriented with a good ball drive which demonstrates his intelligence and focus.  His energy level would prove to allow for a day long game of fetch. Gunnar is a Melanistic Black and Red male with a great conformation and a sound structure. He is very athletic and moves effortlessly.
Gunnar's Sire is 100% East German linage which includes  V Falk von den Wolfen, who was the most sought after male in East Germany, even after he was retired.  Gunnar's Dam is West German and American linage.  He has many V and VA rated dogs in the West German linage and AKC Champions in the American linage.
Gunnar  is a proven producer of loving and intelligent puppies which makes them exceptional family companions, show or working dogs.
Gunnar's Sire 
Duke is a young male with a very large frame and heavy bone. He has a great conformation and a sound structure.  He is a sweet and comical boy.  He loves to work in obedience and  to play a game of  fetch. He  demonstrates a strong ability for tracking.
Duke is West German with most dogs having  SG, V and VA show titles along with working titles.  His Great Grandfather is the World Famous VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos.  
Duke is a proven producers of  Loving and Intelligent  Pups with deep pigment.
CDuke's Sire
Duke's Dam
SG Roy von der Karl-May Hohle
Brenna von Fuenf Bergspitzen
Gunnar's Dam 
Gunnar's Great Grandfather
V Bolero von Haus Weiler
Raina von Silbernem Flusschen
Duke's Great Grandfather
VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos
SG Vito von der Felsenschlucht
Duke's Grand Father
Photo taken at 9 months